Aspects of Highland Step-Dance past, present and future.
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Seann Triubhas, Highland Fling & Gille-Caluim.

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The National Library of Scotland Ref: 8199

Tradition of Highland and Country Dancing.

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The National Library of Scotland Ref: 2224

Change of Step Highland Dance Company

A group that breathes new life into Highland Dancing presenting original choreography, musicality, grace, amazing unison and athleticism, all in one package.


The Sailor's Hornpipe

From Highland Dance Boston a fine example of the effectiveness of good, uncluttered choreography and quality dancing!!

The Irish Jig

This is more like it used to be in the 1960s - powerful male dancers abounded then - good to see Vincent Collins, left, and Steve Macrae, right, at Seattle Highland Games. I notice the dance seems to have lost the "tails" shaking invitation to a fight -

Seann Triubhas.

From Geelong Highland Gathering

1960s ?
Brian Seivwright
Clips from old TV Programs featuring the Late Brian Seivwright (from Aberdeen) and his Dancers

Colleen Rintamaki
10 Time World Champion
Having a little fun

New Zealand Championships 2017 - 18 and Over - Highland Fling -
Almost a look back in time to see the style of Highland Dance as was when I was competing, with a few variations of step.

Comparison with the first clip is well worth while.
Of note -
Introduction - compare with previous clip.
1st Step - Pas de Basque and "7s".
2nd Step - Early form of Pas de Basque and Balance.
3rd Step - See notes on 2nd Step on previous clip.
6th Step - "3s" and "7s".
5th Step - Round-the-Leg movement of Balance and Round-the-Leg Reel Step.
6th Step - Double heel beat, Shake, Shake, Down.
7th Step - Precursor of the Assemble Step.
Quick Time
1st Step - Frantic Toe, Heel Step!?!
2nd Step - Variant on the Last Step of the Fling - It seems there is a break/gap in the original film.

I leave the viewer to dissect the Fling and Gille Caluim and compare against
The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling and todays Gille Caluim.
one very interesting clip - The viewer may care to watch the Seann Triubhas on the next clip and compare the two performances of the same dance.
Of note -
Introduction very similar to the next clip.
1st Step - Similar to the modern 1st Step, but executed as one complete clockwise circle.
2nd Step - Very similar to the next clip and a relationship with the Shake-and-Travel Reel Time Step and the modern 2nd Step.
3rd Step - A version of "The Diamond Step".
4th Step - A somewhat complex Toe-Heel Step.
Quick Time
1st Step - A variant on The Crossover Step.
2nd Step - The Edinburgh Back Step. No extravagant Leap ending.